Ryan Hunter Dickerson is a life that will live forever in all of us.  For all of his friends and family and even the casual acquaintance, Ryan made a special mark on everyone.  Confident, funny, witty, unorganized, strong, absent minded, friendly, engaging, clever and just plain nice; these are the ways that we all remember Ryan.

A strong child comes from a strong family and Ryan’s is one of the best.   Parents Ron and Lynn guided this whimsical child into a strong leader destined for greatness.  His brother Ross brought out the best in Ryan and constantly challenged him to reach higher and be funnier.  Good family creates good friendships and these are some of the deepest ties to Modesto and all of us.   We will never forget Ryan Dickerson and his family. They are all part of our families forever.  Through Ryan’s friendships, Ron and Lynn will see part of Ryan live on in all of his friends.

Ryan’s personality and creativity allowed him to excel at school.  In between the occasional missing textbooks and last minute papers, he earned a lifetime CSF Membership with a full International Baccalaureate Diploma from Modesto High School, class of 2007. (Go MoHi!)  Based on this and along with his athletic performance, community involvement, excellent test scores and awesome essay, Ryan was accepted to the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis Missouri.  Ryan always motivated people to do their best and set their standards high.

This gift will be passed on for generations with the Ryan Dickerson Scholastic Scholarship.  This site will reach out to any friends that want to connect with Ryan’s family and friends so we all remember his past and the future he gave to all of us.